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The Beauty of "SuiteApps" in NetSuite

Updated: Apr 5

"It takes a village". One of the core reasons NetSuite offers incredible value for their customers is their willingness to tap into the skills and specialized knowledge within their user and developer community.

What is a "SuiteApp"?

SuiteApps are applications or bundles that extend NetSuite for specific industry and business needs. They are developed by Oracle NetSuite, or by members of the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN), a third-party developer program. NetSuite customers also can develop their own SuiteApps to meet their specialized requirements. NetSuite SuiteApps are developed on the SuiteCloud platform, and are distributed and supported by Oracle-NetSuite.

Why is this a big deal?

Most ERP platforms are closed minded to the notion that sometimes the end-users know best. They often keep all development in house and are not nimble enough to develop and roll out new functionality that the market demands. In an open model, the NetSuite community is able to come together to design, develop, test, and publish applications that enhance your NetSuite experience.

Okay, but what functionality do these actually add?

Sky is the limit when it comes to the challenges that SuiteApps address. Just some of the core "areas" they may solve for are:

  • Industry Specific Customization Packages

    • Jump start your ERP customization with these prebuilt applications to get you aligned to industry specific business process standards from day 1.

  • Integration Packages (With Third Party Applications)

    • Have a third party application that your business loves? There's likely already a SuiteApp in the library to get your integration rolling.

  • Localization Packages for Specific Geographic Requirements

    • Expanding globally? Wondering how you are going to meet the requirements in the new region? These will help you get started with localized tax and reporting packages.

  • Specialized Accounting Packages

    • Get the automation of your meticulous processes rolling with these tried and true apps.

The Importance of Having a Flexible ERP

The only thing that is constant in the world is change. Your business is a living, breathing, entity that is going to pivot, expand, and flex where it can to continue to address the needs of the market. Your ERP is the heart of your systems ecosystem and needs to be ready to change with you. We have aligned ourselves with NetSuite for many reasons, but the core reason always shines through. NetSuite is the most flexible cloud ERP platform on the market and it gives us the ability to unlock enormous value with our clients though standardization, automation, and visibility.

Want to Learn More?

Check out to get a taste of the extensive library at your fingertips when you align yourself with NetSuite.

We're Here To Help

Equify Advisors is a NetSuite Alliance Partner and has technical experts to help you evaluate a new ERP or enhance your existing environment. Set some time with us to learn more here:


Samuel Plazak - Senior Manager, Financial Transformation

NetSuite Certified SuiteFoundation

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