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FP&A Strategy

Our experienced team of consultants will partner with your organization to analyze the current operating structure to develop a financial reporting and analytics strategy.

Past Implementations





  • Identification and standardization of financial ownership within the organization

  • Develop management reporting platform that effectively presents enterprise and business unit financial performance

  • Development of financial review structure and cadance


Budget Process


  • Budget input model development based on the key drivers of the business, built with enterprise level levers for modeling and review

  • Development of budget input forms for data collection from responsible parties

  • Development of budget review cycle and timeline


Standards and Workflow

  • Development of incurred expense standards across the organization

  • Development of expense thresholds and approval process

  • Implementation of shared technology to facilitate aproval process and audit





  • Internal utilization analysis across the different components of the organization

  • Modeling the utilization to profitability relationship across the different components of the organization

  • Assisting in utilization benchmarking across different employee levels across the different areas of the organization to ultimately achieve financial targets

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