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NetSuite/Site Management Integration Case Study

Automating finance operations in a high-volume world.

The Challenge

Network Connex was reliant on duplicative, time consuming, and error prone processes to appropriately account for their telecommunications engineering business. This was due to a reliance on multiple project management tools and manual data entry into their legacy ERP system, Deltek Vision. To address this, the team identified two key objectives: standardizing project management processes and migrating to an integration and automation friendly ERP, Oracle NetSuite.

The Process

Network Connex partnered with Equify Advisors (a NetSuite Alliance Partner) and Sitetracker to design a complete end-to-end optimization of their processes across all business functions. NetSuite, acting as the central hub for their new ecosystem, was fully utilized to link and automate processes across all finance, accounting, operations, HR, and sales functions.

The team executed on the following process to design and implement a complete solution:

  1. Perform discovery to appropriately document all legacy business processes, data elements, and existing challenges.

  2. Design a NetSuite solution to appropriately satisfy all business requirements while making sure we are not just replicating the mistakes of the past.

  3. Design the Sitetracker to NetSuite integration. Leveraging real-time trigger-based data feeds to automatically create PO’s, recognize revenue, and trigger invoice creation in NetSuite based on activity happening in the field.

  4. Execute on the design and appropriately develop the system and migrate all master data and financial data elements from the legacy system.

  5. Facilitate extensive training and testing with the users of the new system.

  6. Go-Live and provide appropriate “hypercare” level support.

The Solution

The Impact




Harmonize Business Processes

Both operations and accounting processes standardized

Reduction of business complexity

Enhanced control of project expenses

Introduction of purchase orders and approval workflow

Greater visibility and control of 3rd party expense requests

Introduce scalability

Integration with project management system (SiteTracker)

Optimization of Order to Cash process increases capacity for back office without need to augment staffing as business grows

Improved Reporting

Configuration of profitability segments and project profitability

Financial reporting to report performance across Markets + Service Lines. Project profitability available to support decision making on pricing and ops efficiencies.

Consolidate ERP footprint

ERP Migration

Cost savings from legacy ERP

The Results

The successful implementation of NetSuite and the integration to Sitetracker has set up Network Connex and their telecommunications engineering business up for long-term success. As operations continues to expand, they now have the ability to appropriately achieve scale as an industry leading firm.

Learn More

If you are thinking about a new ERP or integration with your project management platform, our team at Equify Advisors has deep experience with these initiatives. Equify Advisors is a NetSuite Alliance Partner and has certified experts within the technology. Set some time with us to learn more on our website at


Michael Brady - Director, Financial Integrations

NetSuite Certified SuiteFoundation

NetSuite Certified ERP Consultant


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